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AIDS InfoNet PrEP Page
AIDS InfoNet provides a fact sheet that answers questions about how PrEP is taken, who should take it, and likely side effects, among other important questions. PrEP Page
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides facts about PrEP on this page, along with links to CDC Guidance regarding PrEP use for men who have sex with men, heterosexuals, and injecting drug users. Text Message Use
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services answers questions about using text messages to assist patients with HIV.

This page contains links to in-depth information about PrEP, including webinars, research updates, and advocacy information.

This is a clearinghouse for information on PrEP that collects the latest trial data and advocacy tools.

On this page, you will find factual answers to frequently asked questions about PrEP, including summaries of animal and human studies on Truvada. 

UCSF answers questions about the safety, effectiveness, and recommended uses for PrEP. The web page provides links to PDF format and printable versions.

CDC PrEP 101 Page
The CDC answers frequently asked questions about PrEP, including, "How do I speak to my doctor about PrEP?".

CDC PrEP Research Page
Download CDC press releases, publications, updated Interim Guidance sheets, and multiple fact sheets. This page also provides important links to further resources, like trial and study results. 

Covered California Website
This website provides information about health insurance plans available to Californians and a portal for applying for insurance.

Gilead PrEP Assistance Program Contact Information
Gilead's program assists uninsured HIV-negative adults with paying for Truvada for PrEP.

Healthy San Francisco Health Access Program
San Franciscans can use this page to learn about and sign up for the health care program offered through the San Francisco Department of Public Health.
This website provides information about and opportunities to volunteer for ongoing studies by Bridge HIV, a joint project of UCSF and the San Francisco Department of Public Health.  

Migrant Clinicians Website
This is a rich source of information about caring for migrant workers, including multi-lingual resources. Patient resources regarding HIV are listed here. Clinical education resources regarding HIV are listed here.

Mpowerment Project Blogspot
The Mpowerment Project's PrEP page discusses divergent opinions about PrEP and provides many links to other websites and articles for further information.

My PrEP Experience Blog (AIDS Foundation of Chicago)
The AIDS Foundation of Chicago's PrEP blog features stories from people who are using or have used PrEP. A recent story discussed the difficulties faced by one patient in obtaining a prescription for PrEP. In addition, this blog links to other educational resources about PrEP.

PrEP REP Page: "What is PrEP?"
PrEP REP offers a video explaining how PrEP works to prevent infection. This page also provides many links to resources for further information. 

Project Inform PrEP Page
Project Inform provides information and advocacy for people with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. From their PrEP webpage, you can order educational booklets, watch videos, e-mail questions, and link to other websites with information about PrEP.

Project RSP (Ready, Set, PrEP) Facebook Page
Like this page on Facebook and stay connected to news articles, blog posts, humor, and editorials that relate to PrEP and the LGBT community. 

San Francisco AIDS Foundation PrEP Page
The San Francisco AIDS Foundation provides PrEP information geared towards men who have sex with men and towards women who have sex with men. This website also provides information in Spanish.

San Francisco City Clinic Website
This web page answers common questions about PrEP.  

San Francisco Department of Health PrEP Page
Here, you will find a brief overview of PrEP and how to obtain it, with links to further resources.

Truvada Patient Assistance Page
Look here for information about eligibility for the Truvada assistance program for patients who are uninsured or who have high copays.

UCSF HIV/AIDS Division Positive Reproductive Outcomes for HIV+ Men
UCSF's HIV/AIDS Division offers tons of informative PDFs, MP3s, and videos for men and women who are trying to conceive, and for those who are trying to prevent pregnancy as well. This website offers some Spanish language content.

Walgreens Specialized HIV Pharmacy Services
Use this website to find HIV-specialized Walgreens pharmacies in the United States and Mexico, to find assistance for paying for HIV treatments, and to find information about HIV tests. 

WHO Guidance on PrEP
Download a PDF of the World Health Organization's Guidance on PrEP for seriodiscordant couples, men, and transgender women who have sex with men at high risk of HIV.

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