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The CA PTC is part of multiple national training and capacity building networks and collaborations. We design, develop and deliver training and TA packages to meet your specific needs.  Our trainings utilize small group, interactive
exercises, case studies, hands on clinical practice, visual and other e-learning technologies to enrich the learning
experience.  We  specialize in clinical STD/HIV management, evidence-based intervention and strategies, MSM health and prevention issues, stigma, cultural sensitivity and program evaluation. 

Clinical Training Courses

We specialize in clinical courses that provide up-to-date information to clinicians who diagnose, treat, and manage
patients with STDs. We cover Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and the US-affiliated Pacific Islands as well as lead national activities. Our faculty are physicians and nurse practitioners with extensive clinical expertise in the field of STDs. Core courses include Fundamentals of STDs (3 days), STD Update (1 day), Male and Female Genital Exam Skills (4 hours), Examination and Interpretation of Vaginal Wet Mount Specimens (3 hours), and clinical precepting.

Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) Program

The Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) Program works with health departments nationally to strengthen capacity for HIV testing, working with people living with HIV and policy development.  We provide technical assistance, develop resources and design trainings to meet specific needs which address current disparities in HIV, such as working with MSM, addressing social determinants of health, community mobilization and counseling strategies to support engagement in care.  We also offer trainings and support on evidence-based interventions and have expertise in monitoring and evaluating programs.  To support our efforts we have created videos and online training resources which are available through our website.

Disease Intervention Specialist Training Center (DISTC)

Partner Services and Program Support Training courses are designed for federal, state, and local public health professionals, especially those working in STD/HIV prevention programs. Courses help develop the skills of disease intervention specialists and prevention counselors; other courses are designed to support STD and HIV prevention programs at state, local, and community levels. A blended learning approach has been implemented combining extensive online modules, webinars and live courses to address resource challenges. Live courses range from I to 5 days, and experiential learning under the guidance of qualified preceptors is integral to all the course offerings. For mor information and training information please visit teh Disease Intervention Specialist Training Centers (DISTC) webpage here http://distc.org/.

Tailored Trainings and Technical Assistance

All programs are available to plan tailored services for your agency’s specific needs and to deliver them at your facility or via web-based technology.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs!


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