The CA PTC e-Learning program uses many new, exciting and accessible technologies to enhance communication and training. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to continued restrictions in funding and increasing costs for producing and hosting online courses , we will be charging for some of our online content starting April 1, 2015.  This nominal fee will allow us to continue to bring you high quality, relevant online learning opportunities. 

The e-Learning program:

  • provides access to quality training experiences;

  • facilitates ongoing development of skills and knowledge in response to ever-growing budget constraints;

  • continues to widen the reach of our services to audiences who may otherwise be unable to participate in face-to-face trainings; and

  • stays abreast of new technologies and best practices in order to create relevant and engaging educational opportunities.

Please take a look at our diverse and innovative resources.

  • Online Courses for clinicians, health educators, counselors, teachers, and other professionals who work with patients who are at risk for contracting STDs and HIV, and who work to stop the transmission of STDs and HIV in their communities. Continuing medical education credits (CMEs) are available for most of our online courses.

  • Training Videos for clinicians, educators, and other staff who treat patients with STDs, at risk of contracting STDs and HIV, and within communities to stop the transmission of these diseases.

  • Webinars and Presentations

  • Related e-Learning resources from other organizations

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